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2006 - U.S. House

Here’s a number you won’t see if you’re getting your political analyses from drones employed by the Pravda-Media:


The GOP has lost a grand total of 11 net House seats in connection withopen races since the 2000 election cycle, *inclusive*.

So, we’re talking first about a low-turnout presidencial cycle in which conservatives stayed home and didn’t vote – by the millions!

Then a mid-term cycle in the wake of 9/11, but also in the midst of: massive job losses, the worst slate of corporate scandals in over a decade, and, as alluded to above, the worst bear market for stocks in a full generation.

Then another presidential election cycle, but on that occasion a high-turnout affair in which the MediaCrats and their allied slush funds spent 500 million hard dollars bashing the GOP’s national nominee. And for which a shooting war, surging gasoline prices, a plummeting U.S. Dollar, various media-driven “scandals,” a flu outbreak, and a string of destructive hurricanes provided some of the backdrops.

As stated, however, merely 11 net seats were lost by the GOP in open Congressional races throughout those disparate cycles – combined.


House incumbents in the modern era win re-election bids almost 100 percent of the time.

The GOP holds a 231-202-1 majority in the Lower Chamber. And as soon as that run-off election to replace Chris Cox is completed, down in Orange County,California, the margin will be 232-202-1.

Just keep those numbers in mind when next Summer rolls around, and B.D.S.-ridden academics and media pundits literally begin chanting – on Fox News, CNN, NPR, CNBC, PBS, and MSNBC – the GOP is about to lose the U.S. House.

-- Jayson